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  • Disclosure

    We are a licensed insurance agency in the province of British Columbia under the corporation C. G. Coyle & Associates Inc. and operate under the name “Haney Place Insurance”.


    Haney Place Insurance holds broker contracts with various insurance companies which are accessed for quoting, pricing, and adjusting policies for our clients


    No insurance company holds an ownership interest in Haney Place Insurance. Haney Place Insurance does not hold an ownership interest in any insurance company.


    If you choose to purchase an insurance policy through us, we will be paid a sales commission. We may receive a renewal commission if you keep your policy with us for years to come. Haney Place Insurance may also be eligible for additional compensation, such as bonuses. While we are paid commissions by the insurance companies, client needs are our first priority.


    Haney Place Insurance takes potential conflict of interest seriously. We will notify you immediately if there is a conflict of interest of which we become aware of.


    Haney Place Insurance will maintain the highest standards of confidentiality in dealing with client information and will adhere to the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), a federal privacy law.

    1. Accountability – We are responsible for the personal information we receive from our clients, and we will abide by the principles of PIPEDA in keeping that information safe.
    2. Collection Purposes – Any and all personal, corporate, financial, and health-related information is collected and kept solely for the purpose of providing advice and to ensure that any policies you purchase through Haney Place Insurance are provided quickly and correctly. In order to obtain policies for you, we are required to confidentially convey your personal information to insurers through wholesale organizations. We only collect and keep information necessary for setting up and maintaining your policy.
    3. Consent – In becoming a client, and by reading this form, you agree to give this information, allow Haney Place Insurance to share this information with suppliers and wholesale organizations, and allow us to retain the information. You may withdraw your consent at any time.
    4. Information Accuracy – Haney Place Insurance relies on receiving accurate information in order to make appropriate recommendations. You may review the personal information at any time upon request. We may also update the information regularly in an effort to ensure we are making recommendations about your situation based on current information.
    5. Safeguards – All the written information Haney Place Insurance receives from you is either in secure filing cabinets or in password-protected computer files. Old files that are discarded are shredded or otherwise completely destroyed.
    6. Questions, Concerns, and Access – You may contact us at any time by telephone, email, or letter about your files with us and request changes. You may review PIPEDA online at If you have any concerns about our procedures, we will investigate and provide you with a response as soon as possible.

    Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have further concerns regarding your business and how it is internally handled by Haney Place Insurance